I don’t honestly understand all the hype over Cullen in the new dragon age. im interested yeah but I haven’t seen enough to develop an opinion on him we’ve seen him on both sides of the mage Templar struggle he fears the dangers that mages bring but at the same time clearly was uncomfortable oppressing them so what are we supposed to make from that. i’ll just say what a say to the other party members “cross me and I wont hesitate I don’t care how likable you are I am in charge”


watching the news today is reminds me of middle school where everything became a race issue because of this one black guy that would show up and start howling about racism so much it made rev. al sharpton look pathetic. “i think regular milk is better than chocolate” the black guy would show up and “why because its color? because white is just better?!?”

im not saying we shouldnt look for injustice and shit like that just fact check first and remember racism is not limited to blacks and whites.
black people: we cant walk down the street without getting stopped by police
mex/latinos: well i cant walk down the street without being asked if i am a citizen
muslims: well i cant where a hat without people thinking im a terrorist

everyones got issues not just you okay?